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STACK EuroCup 2011 was confirmed at Cervia, Italy on 23-25 september 2011.

Competitions will take place on the beach near "Grand Hotel".

EuroCup 2011 will be a good opportunity to meet the best European kite flyers!!

EuroCup 2011 will take place during the Sprint Kite Festival 2011, organized by Cervia Volante kiting club. On Sunday, September 25th, there will be some kite shows at "Sprint Kite Festival" or recoveries in the event of bad weather.

STACK Italy is very proud to announce that the entire event will be carbon neutral certified by LIFEGATE. The EuroCup2011 is the first event of its kind to receive such certification and to offset CO2 emissions.

The details about the competition have still not been established; at the moment, you can find more informations in the following links:

For any kind of information please send an e-mail to: info@stackitalia.com

We will keep you all up-to-date.